Mini-Oral Presentation

The mini-oral presentations will be organized for a first time at the ICALEPCS conference and will take place in the first part of the poster-sessions. The goal is to expose particularly interesting poster contributions to a larger audience. You will be able to introduce with a very few slides the highlights of your work to the conference audience.

Three mini-oral sessions will be held the Ballroom, so your poster will be un-manned during your mini-oral.

As 10 posters have been selected for each Mini Oral session, this means that each presentation is limited to 3 minutes. No questions are foreseen for the presentation, as they can be asked later during the poster session. Please understand that, with this rather tight schedule, we will have to enforce the 3-minute limit strictly. Therefore each presentation is limited to 2 slides, plus one author / title slide.

Not to lose too much time when changing the speaker, we would like to prepare every mini-oral session as one presentation file beforehand. We have prepared a PowerPoint template which you should use.

  • Use the author / title slide as it is, just filling in the title of your poster, the list of authors and the ICALEPCS programme code, but not changing the layout.
  • On the other three slides we have put some ideas for possible content. You may use this or replace it by your own layout, but please keep the frame of each slide as it is.
  • To make reading easier for the audience, all text should be at least "Arial 14" size or equivalent if you use a different font.

We will pre-load all presentations on the computers in the conference center before the start of the conference. You are therefore kindly requested to upload the final version of your presentation no later than 6th October. This will allow usto get back to you in case of problems when integrating your presentation.

Preparation and Upload of mini-oral Presentations

The following precautions should be adhered to, to ensure smooth running of electronic presentations:


Visuals for oral presentations should be in Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx). Any animation or video files must be compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Media Player.

Please see default codecs of Windows Media Player


Possibly the most typical PowerPoint blunder is neglecting to embed the fonts into your presentation. If you do not embed fonts and the computer system showing your presentation doesn’t contain the fonts in your presentation, it will substitute another font, often with disastrous results. Together with making your presentation appear unprofessional, a change in font can easily have an impact on text wrapping and table spacing. You can keep this from taking place by using PowerPoint’s “Embed Fonts in File” capability, which assures that the font you used will display on a different computer even if that font has not been installed on the other machine.

For PowerPoint files, use only TrueType fonts and embed them:

To embed fonts in PowerPoint XP / 2007:

1. Select the Office Button and select Power Point Options. 2. Under Save options, select the Embed fonts in the file checkbox and Embed only the characters used in the presentation.


Upload your presentation to the file server as early as possible

Name the file with the programme code and "_talk" (for example MOMAU002_talk.ppt) and then upload in the same way as for papers through your ICALEPCS2013 JACoW account  (select "Presentations"). Any animations or video files referenced within presentations must be uploaded along with the PowerPoint file (select "Talk movies"). You can find the programme code assigned to your presentation via this interface.

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