Submission Instructions


All contributions properly presented at the conference are eligible for publication in the conference proceedings at the JACoW site.

Upload of contributions is via ICALEPCS Author Accounts.

Deadlines are:
  • Wednesday 2nd October 2 2013 Proceedings Paper
  • Saturday 5th October 2013 Presentations (oral and poster)

The submission deadline is ahead of the conference so that the papers can be processed by the JACoW technical editors in San Francisco, beginning promptly on 5th October 2013. In this way any problems can be analysed and discussed with authors upon their arrival at the conference, prior to moving on to a quality check of all successfully processed papers. The aim is to publish all contributions on the last day of the conference via the SPMS, with final publication at the JACoW site soon afterwards.

The successful processing of all contributions during the conference relies heavily on the collaboration of all authors. Since the JACoW editorial team is only available during the conference, any delay in receiving contributions will cause a delay in processing them, and will ultimately jeopardize publication on JACoW.

Submit only papers that are final and ready for publication. "Place holders" or "preliminary" versions waste the time of the editors and jeopardize early publication. In addition, papers more than 2 weeks late may be rejected. The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject such submissions.

Submission of Electronic Files

What to Submit

  • Proceeding's Paper - follow the guidelines given here
    (1) Source File MS Word (LaTeX, or OpenDocument) AND
    (2) PDF of Source File
  • Oral Presentation: PDF or PowerPoint of your slides for your oral presentation (and associated video or animation files where appropriate in their native format), if not embedded in source file.
  • Poster Presentation: PDF of the poster.

What files should be provided?

Only files named according to the paper's programme code can be uploaded via the system. ALL files used to produce the contribution must be uploaded, for example, for paper MOMAU002 , file names should be:


JACoW Electronic Processing of Submissions

  • MOMAU002.doc (or .tex, .odt, .docx) - the MS Word, LaTeX, or OpenDocument source file
    • MOMAU002f1.eps - EPS file containing figure 1 (uploaded as "other supporting file")
    • MOMAU002f2.tif (or .jpg, .png, .gif ) - TIFF (or jpg, png, gif) file containing figure 2 (uploaded as "other supporting file") if not embedded in the source file
  • MOMAU002.pdf - the PDF of source file above


  • MOMAU002_talk.pdf or MOMAU002_talk.ppt the file to be used for the oral presentation
  • MOMAU002_poster.pdf - the pdf file of the poster
Once all files are ready for submission, login to your ICALEPCS Author Account and
  • Ensure that the paper title and co-authors on the paper are identical to the paper title and co-authors entered into the SPMS. If this is not the case, click on the links "edit" or "authors" and update. SPMS data will be used for the production of the table of contents and author index of the proceedings.
Papers will undergo processing by the technical editors and authors will be able to check the result by logging into their ICALEPCS Author Account . E-mail notifications of the processing status will also be triggered to primary (submitting) authors as processing is completed. During the conference an electronic display will show the status of your paper.


The preliminary proceedings will be available on the ICALEPCS2013 web site.

The final version will be posted on the JACoW site
Questions concerning the proceedings may be addressed to the Proceeding Editor.

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