Program Committee

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Name Role Institution
Peg Folta 2013 Program Chair NIF/LLNL
Christopher Marshall 2013 Conference Chair NIF/LLNL


Name Role Institution
Reinhard Bacher User Interfaces and Tools DESY
Pascale Betinelli Project Management and Collaboration SOLEIL
Matthew Bickley Data Management and Processing JLAB
Eric Bjorklund User Interfaces and Tools LANL
Gordon Brunton Integrating Complex or Diverse Systems LLNL
Enzo Carrone Personnel Safety and Machine Protection SLAC
Allan Casey User Interfaces and Tools LLNL
Jean-Michel Chaize Knowledge-based Techniques ESRF
Gianluca Chiozzi Software Technology Evolution ESO
Peter Clout Control System Upgrades Vista Control Systems
Lou Corvetti Project Management and Collaboration Australian Synchrotron
Kazuro Furukawa Timing Sync KEK
Philippe Gayet Integrating Complex or Diverse Systems CERN
Andy Gotz Experiment Control ESRF
Juan Guzman Software Technology Evolution ASKAP/CSIRO
Nick Hauser Data Management and Processing ANSTO
Mark Heron Feedback Systems Diamond
Larry Hoff Control Systems Infrastructure BNL
David Fernandez-Carreiras Control System Upgrades ALBA
Joerg Klora at large ALBA
Timo Korhonen Feedback Systems PSI
Renata Krempaska Control Systems Infrastructure PSI
Larry Lagin Control System Upgrades LLNL
Patrick Ledu Control System Upgrades IPNL
Ge Lei Feedback Systems IHEP
Marco Lonza Knowledge-based Techniques ELETTRA
John Maclean Project Status Reports Argonne
Mike Mouat Personnel Safety and Machine Protection TRIUMF
Roland Mueller at large HZB
Niko Neufeld Experiment Control CERN
Mi-Young Park at large KSTAR/KAERI
James Patrick Control Systems Infrastructure Fermilab
Stephane Perez Timing Sync CEA/LMJ
Javier Serrano Hardware Technology CERN
Hamid Shoaee Project Status Reports SLAC
Andrew Starritt Project Management and Collaboration ANSTO
Ryotaro Tanaka Project Status Reports Spring-8
Daniel Tavares Hardware Technology Brazilian light source
Anders Wallander Project Status Reports ITER
Karen White Experiment Control ORNL/SNS
Markus Zerlauth Personnel Safety and Machine Protection CERN