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Java Embedded Software: Disruptions Ahead

Henrik Stahl (Oracle, Redwood Shores)

The devices supporting our daily activities are becoming more sophisticated and better connected at an astonishing rate. The Internet of Things is driving an explosion of devices and data, revolutionizing industry, science and commerce. Devices are smarter, faster, and better connected. To support these trends, increasingly sophisticated embedded devices must be developed more quickly, yet must also be secure, robust, and maintainable. Java technology is ideally suited to support this complexity, whether embedded in a lightweight, low-cost secure ID card, supporting multiple systems of a large reactor, or any conceivable application between. This presentation will cover the evolution of the Java language and it's applicability to control systems specialists. Increasingly Java is being adopted within control systems due to its scalability, robustness, portability and developer productivity features. Peter will cover in detail the new capabilities of Java and provide an overview of the roadmap ahead; toward the Internet of Things.