Pre-conference Meetings

The following pre-conference meeting will take place at the conference center from 9am – 5pm
on Saturday, October 5, 2013.

EPICS Collaboration Satellite Meeting, organized by Hamid Shoaee
Fall 2013 EPICS meeting will provide a chance for developers and managers from the various different sites to come together and discuss their work in progress and make plans for the future. They give a chance to see what is being done at other laboratories, and to review the specifications for new tools or enhancements to existing ones in order to maximize their usefulness to the whole community and avoid duplication of effort.

Pre-conference Workshops

The following pre-conference workshops will take place at the conference center from 9am to 5pm
(unless otherwise noted) on Sunday, October 6, 2013.

MRF Timing System Workshop, organized by , Moderator
This workshop will focus on future directions for the MRF event system. We would like to discuss:

  • What requirements are coming up for future projects?
  • What problems remain unsolved for current projects?
  • What new features are needed?
  • Can we set some priorities for the near future?

This workshop will be held from 8:30am 12:30pm. For more information, contact

Open Hardware Workshop, organized by Javier Serrano and Daniel Tavares
The workshop will be dedicated to discussing the principles and practice of Open Hardware (OH), a way of designing, licensing and commercializing electronics inspired by the Free and Open Source Software world. It deals also with current OH projects and will serve as a forum to discuss future strategies and collaborations.

Motion Control Applications in Large Facilities Workshop, organized by Pascale Betinelli
Following the success of two workshops on motion control, in May 2010 and in October 2012, this year's workshop is intended to cover a broad range of motion control subjects pertaining to:

  • Experiences in motion control at the different sites: radiation damage to encoders, in house development verses industrial product, system performance validation including reliability, obsolescence management
  • Technical solutions in software and in low level hardware: kinematic transforms, complex trajectories, protection including collision avoidance, multi-axes and multi controller synchronization, embedded and/or hosted motion features
  • Motion control challenges: submicron positioning, continuous and synchronous motion control and data detector's acquisition

For more information, contact .

Control System Cyber Security for High Energy Physics Workshop, organized by Dr. Stefan Lueders
This is the 4th workshop on this topic. Interest is high as cyber–security is as relevant as ever.

TANGO Workshop, organized by Andy Götz (ESRF) and Alain Buteau (SOLEIL)
TANGO is an object oriented distributed control system based on CORBA and ZMQ and is being developed as a collaborative effort between research institutes in Europe. This workshop will be organized as a set of tutorials and coding sessions and will allow TANGO beginners and advanced users to discover the different features of TANGO thanks to a set of practical examples. An online coding session will be conducted during the workshop. The workshop will include a discussion session on how to best integrate industrial partners and the roadmap for TANGO for the next 2 years.