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Project Status Reports 1

Session Chairs: Session Chairs: John Maclean, Argonne National Lab; Hamid Shoaee, SLAC

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The First Running Period of the CMS Detector Controls System - A Success Story

Frank Glege - European Organization for Nuclear Research


Design and Status of the SuperKEKB Accelerator Control System

Masako Iwasaki - High Energy Accelerator Research Organization


The Spiral2 Control System Progress Towards the Commission Phase

Christophe Haquin - Grand Accélérateur Nat. d'Ions Lourds


The Integrated Control System at ESS

Miha Rescic - Cosylab, Inc.


Keck Telescope Control System Upgrade Project Status

Jimmy Johnson - W.M. Keck Observatory


MeerKAT Control and Monitoring - Design Concepts and Status

Lize Van den Heever - SKA South Africa National Research Foundation of South Africa Department of Science and Technology


Real Time Control for KAGAR, 3km Cryogenic Gravitational Wave Detector in Japan

Miyakawa Osamu - Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, University of Tokyo