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Control Systems Infrastructure

Session Chairs: Renata Krempaska, PSI; James Patrick, Fermilab

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Evolution of the Monitoring in the LHCb Online System

Christophe Haen - European Organization for Nuclear Research Physics Department (PH)


Unidirectional Security Gateways: Stronger Than Firewalls

Andrew Ginter - Waterfall Security Solutions


DIAMON2 – Improved Monitoring of CERN's Accelerator Controls Infrastructure

Peter Jurcso - European Organization for Nuclear Research Beams Department (BE)


Evolution Of IT Infrastructure For Fusion Control Systems*

Timothy Frazier - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory National Ignition Facility Programs Directorate National Ignition Facility Project


Control System Virtualization for the LHCb Online System

Enrico Bonaccorsi - European Organization for Nuclear Research Physics Department (PH)


Server Virtualization and Deployment Management for the KAT-7 / MeerKAT Control and Monitoring System

Neilen Marais - SKA South Africa National Research Foundation of South Africa Department of Science and Technology