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Mini Oral 3

Session Chairs: Larry Hoff, NBNL; David Ferandez-Carreiras, ALBA

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From Real to Virtual - How to Provide a High-Avaliblity Computer Server Infrastructure

Rene Kapeller - Paul Scherrer Institut


Optimizing Blocker Usage on NIF Using Image Analysis and Machine Learning*

Laura Mascio Kegelmeyer - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory National Ignition Facility Programs Directorate National Ignition Facility Project


Development Status of SINAP Timing System

Ming Liu - Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics


Fast Orbit Feedback Control in Mode Space

Sandira Gayadeen - University of Oxford Engineering Science


Management of the FERMI@Elettra Control System Infrastructure

Lorenzo Pivetta - Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A.